Surya Hot Power - All Levels

This class is taught by:

Jessica Ashen

Jessica is an E-RYT 200, certified by the Yoga Alliance, knitting enthusiast and blogger. She teaches hatha, vinyasa,(heated & unheated), pre/post-natal yoga, and is also the director of a kids yoga program ages 1-18.

Inner peace, calmness of the mind and JOYOUS self love - these are three of the main intentions Jessica strives to achieve in her personal practice, as well as to help her students develop.


Jessica has been practicing yoga since 2000, where she began to uncover her inner spirit. Although Jessica has made many changes in the past few years, (including ditching her corporate life) yoga has remained the reliable safe harbor where she has been able to nurture and continually develop her spiritual journey, no matter what was going on in her life. Finding herself in a new transformational phase of life, and realizing the resounding fulfillment that yoga had been bringing to her all along, Jessica realized her calling to share this magnificent power of yoga with others.

Jane DoCampo

Jane DoCampo, a former professional dancer and fitness instructor in NYC, has been practicing yoga for 13 years. She holds teaching certifications from Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga Center in NYC, where she is also a member of the teaching faculty, and Raji Thron of Yoga Synthesis, Ramsey, NJ.

Jane teaches a fun, flowing class which explores the dynamics within each pose to find the balance between effort and ease as well as safe alignment. Sharing insights from her personal practice and the wisdom of many wonderful teachers, her classes are designed to build inner and outer strength while creating a relaxed mind and body. 

She is also certified to teach prenatal, restorative and pranayama classes.

Marion Markham

Marion began practicing in 2002, coming to Yoga from Dance. She is a 500 Hour RYT Teacher holding certificates in Baptiste and Dharma II and III. Additionally, she has formally trained with Michael Gilbert’s Language of Opposites, The Art of Yoga and Reiki. Marion’s sequences focus on proper alignment, demystification of balancing, safety and the use of breath to initiate the flow of movement through space. Ultimately, Marion’s intent is to transition Yoga practitioners to the physical, mental and spiritual peace that asana practice so generously provides.

Amanda McDonald

Amanda McDonald is the lead teacher on Om Factory Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. She teaches on the FlorYoga Teacher Training Program, and is a mentor for Om Factory's Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training as well as for other teachers.


Amanda teaches from experience, so what she teaches is what she practices herself. Her classes are moving meditations: a combination of movement and breath, meditation and play. She aims to teach the joy, ease, and strength I find through the yoga practice.


Amanda's Yoga education includes:

- Amanda Wentworth and Holly Coles at Om Factory (200 hr TT)

- Courtney Bauer at Studio Anya

- Stacey Brass and Bryn Chrisman at Yoga Maya (300 hr TT)

- Sri Swami Satyananda Ashram in Bhubaneshwar, India

- Amy Matthews at The Breathing Project (Embodied Anatomy and Kinesiology)

- A.G. and Indra Mohan at Svastha Yoga(Yoga Sutras Studies)

Melissa Nelson

Melissa, RYT, earned her 200-hour certification at OM Yoga Center with Cyndi Lee, Frank Mauro and Joe Miller in 2011. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching vinyasa yoga for over 2 years. Melissa is also certified in Pre-natal yoga, Restorative yoga and Reiki level I. Melissa’s background in counseling psychology and interest in Buddhist studies helps her teach a class that emphasizes mindfulness and maitri. Melissa strives to teach a class that focuses on alignment, has interesting sequencing, and is fun! Above all, Melissa believes that yoga is about cultivating a kinder relationship with yourself and hopes to share her love of yoga with everyone. She is especially grateful to her teacher Edward Jones.

Steven Cheng

Steven Cheng completed his certification in Dharma Mittra Yoga in July 2005. His class style is free-form vinyasa with pieces of Dharma Mittra's signatures. Lessons are dynamic and energetic with lots of heat and strength building.


Yoga, in the classical sense, aims to encourage the yogi's body to open with time and practice. Although alignment is the foundation to any yoga practice, "perfection" is not the absolute goal of Steven's teaching. A healthy form and a light spirit is what he exudes and what he promotes. Therefore, he works toward proper form, while having lots of fun and achieving a greater sense of well-being along the way. You will occasionally hear him say that his role is to act as a guide, offering possibilities, but the journey is that of the practicing yogi's. The final destination is a personal one.

Julia K. Stephens

Julia K. Stephens was born and raised in Germany and has been performing gymnastics competitively throughout her teens before moving to the United States for College. Initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, she attended classes sporadically to improve flexibility and strength. Her relationship with yoga shifted when she developed a consistent practice at an authentic studio.

Julia teaches an athletic flow while accentuating strength, flexibility and balance within every pose.

She attends continuing education workshops and study groups, and is devoted to the on -going learning experience of being a teacher and practitioner. Julia completed her 200-hr Yoga Teacher training certification with Kay Kay Clivio and Yogi Charu at Pure Yoga in NYC followed by a 100 -hr mentorship focusing on Hot Power Vinyasa with Loren Bassett at Pure Yoga.

Gagan Bhutani

Gagan has been teaching Hot Yoga since 2002. His classes focus on an Asana practice which is accessible to beginners and advanced beginners. He uses verbal cues and hands on corrections to help his students build and safe and strong personal practice.

Anayra Calderon

Anayra has been teaching since 2002 and is a ERYT-500. She started her teaching journey in 2002 and in 2013 Anayra and her business partner created Yoga in the World a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (200 hr RYS).

Anayra's classes are filled with the passion and intensity she feels for yoga. Expect core work, stability training and play. Her students always learn something new about alignment, philosophy and transcending their boundaries in her classes.

Anayra has completed 100 hours of teacher training with Shiva Rea in Elemental and Prana Vinyasa.

In addition to her varied yoga training, Anayra is certified to teach Pilates and studied Thai Yoga Massage with Saul David Raye in 2002.

Anayra also holds a double BA in Religious Studies and Literature from Seton Hall University and a MA in Literature from Seton Hall University.

Aleksandra Mufceska

Aleksandra Mufceska is a 200 hour RYT who teaches all over New Jersey and in South-Eastern Europe over the Summer. She was introduced to Yoga practice at a young age. Her personal mission is to spread the joy and power of Yoga brings to the world.

Susan Turner

Susan Turner is a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and Personal Trainer. She has been a group instructor for over 20 years.

Dima Paone

Shortly after graduating Medical School, Dima found her mat at a local community class. In 2006, she completed her 200-hr RYT at New York Yoga and has been teaching Vinyasa ever since.

In 2007, Dima was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga. She has since studied in many advanced Jivamukti Yoga workshops.

Dima’s classes are uplifting, challenging and thoughtful as she integrates the spiritual teachings of the Yoga Sutras into mediation, chanting and asana practice.

Dima’s classes are uplifting, challenging and thoughtful as she
integrates the spiritual teachings of the Yoga Sutras with meditation,
pranayama and asana practice.

Dima is forever grateful for her teachers, especially Uma Nanda
Saraswati, her infinite love and devotion; her teachings of bhakti,
mediation and karma yoga holds a special place in Dima’s heart.

Rashila Amin

Rashila is an E-RYT200 and an RYT500 Yoga Instructor as well as a certified Dharma II & III Sri Dharma Mittra Yoga Teacher. She gained her 200hr Yoga Alliance Training through the amazing teachers at Sonic Yoga Centre in NYC, and then continued to excel onto her 300hr with the Guru himself, Sri Dharma Mittra.
She has additional experience with the Sivananda practices as well as other Vinyasa styles. Her own yoga journey started when she was a little girl. Being brought up in a household of yogi parents, Meditation and Bhakti yoga was already strongly embedded. This is what you will see in her classes, the natural formation of breathing and meditation along with a powerful asana practice. She encourages you to push beyond your boundaries both physically and mentally all whilst the melodies of funky tunes are being played in the background!

Lori Keating

Lori has dabbled with yoga on and off for the past 17 years while competing in running and triathlons. Immediately after retiring from 20 years as an elementary school teacher, she decided it was time to hunker down and take her practice more seriously. Lori has taken weekend studies at Kripalu with Kofi Busia and Schyler Grant as well as a variety of other one-day workshops. In March of 2010, she completed her 200-hour YTT at Shakti Body under the tutelage of Deb Kurilla and Anna Winkler. Lori was also certified to teach yoga to young people in July of 2010 at Karma Kids, NYC. Currently, Lori is embarking on a 500 hour teacher training with Alison West at Yoga Union in NYC, specializing in back care.

Lori enjoys a flowing vinyasa practice as well as a mindful alignment - based sequence. By slowing her students down, she fuses the two, offering a safe and invigorating experience. She enjoys challenging her students to go beyond what their minds believe impossible, keeping it light and playful at the same time. Weaving philosophy and spirituality into each class, Lori leaves her students contemplating not only how their bodies have transformed but also their spirits. Lori feels honored to be able to help others grow in their life practice, on and off the mat.

Angela Rauscher

Angela has been practicing yoga and living a yoga lifestyle for over 15 years. She is a 500­hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, receiving her yoga teacher certification and Let Your Yoga Dance® certification from the Kripalu School of Yoga, and her professional level yoga leadership certification from Shakti Initiation in Bali, Indonesia.
Although Angela initially started practicing yoga to heal physical injuries from a bad car accident, she soon discovered the healing power of yoga extended from body, to mind and spirit, on and off the mat. To Angela, yoga is more than asana practice (the postures); it has been, and continues to be, a life changing journey and commitment to her true self.
Angela creates a mood in each class, weaving her knowledge of the energy systems of the body (the chakras) with thematic yogic philosophy, original sequencing, breathing techniques, mantra and meditation. She believes in the philosophy that yoga should meet your body where it is now, and that yoga is a practice of inquiry and consciousness, unique to each individual. Her classes are spiritually driven, infused with compassion, encouragement and support, offering a safe space for students to explore and discover their personal edge.
Angela is committed to helping people live life to their highest potential and feels blessed to be able to support others on their yoga journey. She has been studying Buddhism for the past 5 years, and continues to study and practice yoga on and off the mat, on a daily basis.

Cassandra Bakke

Cassandra Bakke teaches an alignment based flow class with emphasis on honoring one's body where it is, exploring where one can grow, and what that can teach one about yourself.

She believes that a yoga practice is firmly grounded over time and with enthusiasm and tries to encourage that in her students.

Cassandra's credentials include 200hr RYT from Yoga Works since June 2015 and Kids Training from Karma Kids Yoga February 2016.

Kate Decock

A former runner, Kate DeCock discovered yoga in 2002 and was instantly hooked to the physical and mental challenges of yoga. In 2004, she completed her teacher certification in Los Angeles with Bikram Choudhury. She has since taught at studios in Chicago, Ithaca, Queens, and now Hoboken.

Kate is also Pre-Natal certified from Yoga Works in Manhattan with Carrie Parker Gasteleau. She maintained a steady yoga practice through three pregnancies and whole heartedly believes that pre-natal yoga helped her connect with her 3 children before she met them, in addition to helping her prepare physically and mentally for labor and birth.

Kate is honored to have the opportunity to share her love of yoga with others and hopes students will find a place of peace within themselves during class that remains with them outside class. She is grateful to all teachers and students she's met along her yoga journey for helping her learn and grow.

Karen Mandell

Karen teaches Chakra based Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, specializing in balancing the Yin/Yang energy of the practice.

She believes that yoga is all about finding the balance within ourselves that exists inherently but simply needs to be rediscovered by removing the obstacles that keep us from being our authentic perfection. Yoga classes with Karen invite a joyful opening in body, mind, and heart.

Karen received her 200-hour certification at Devotion Yoga and 300-hour training and certification at ISHTA Yoga in NYC with Alan Finger.

She also received her Advanced Level Restorative and Therapeutics Yoga Training and is a Karma Kid’s certified teacher of children and teens.

Christina Noce

When Christina first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2007, it seemed a natural transition from the dance she studied and adored for the first 18 years of her life. The yoga studio quickly became her sanctuary, a place where she could shine and connect to her most authentic self. As her devotion to yoga grew deeper, Christina pursued her 200-hour certification through Surya Yoga Academy in Hoboken, NJ, under the instruction of Anayra Calderon and Victoria Arvizu.

Christina is a dynamic, thoughtful and disciplined instructor focused on conveying knowledge to her students in every class she leads. She teaches a Vinyasa flow class that combines discipline and compassion to encourage her students to work to their full potential. Her class is fast-paced, fun, and energetic.

Christina has spent the last 3 years working in private wealth services. Her background is portrayed in her style of teaching through her methodical approach, as well as her emphasis on finding balance, growth and relaxation through yoga.

Give yourself a powerful Cardiovascular workout in our Power Vinyasa Class. This Hot Yoga class is a sure-fire way to get an unbelievable yoga workout. There wil be some Intermediate level postures but beginners can do modifications.