YOGA FOR BEGINNERS- see Series to register

This class is taught by:

Karen Mandell

Karen teaches Chakra based Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, specializing in balancing the Yin/Yang energy of the practice.

She believes that yoga is all about finding the balance within ourselves that exists inherently but simply needs to be rediscovered by removing the obstacles that keep us from being our authentic perfection. Yoga classes with Karen invite a joyful opening in body, mind, and heart.

Karen received her 200-hour certification at Devotion Yoga and 300-hour training and certification at ISHTA Yoga in NYC with Alan Finger.

She also received her Advanced Level Restorative and Therapeutics Yoga Training and is a Karma Kid’s certified teacher of children and teens.

Mondee Hadibroto

Mondee studied in Yoga to the People in NYC, where she graduated in 2013 and is CPR and is AED certified for infants and adults.
By practicing arm balances, handstands, and inversions, Mondee focuses on body alignment, isolating muscles, and breath control. Her classes are open for any level participant, offering plenty of variations to accommodate our ever-changing bodies.
She keeps a safe practice and guides her students to experience and explore beyond their limits.

Her students are her teachers; she listens, she observes, she learns, and together they grow.

Melissa Otero

Melissa is a vinyasa yoga instructor and an award winning singer/songwriter with a passion for helping others. Yoga became an important part of her life in the year 2009 after a long battle with depression. Upon discovering yoga and its healing benefits, Melissa dove deep into the practice and finally decided to bring her new found love to others by going through a 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2015. Melissa hopes to share her love for yoga and music in her classes and inspire others.
This is a 4 week class series for newcomers to Yoga. The series will cover most basic Yoga postures and techniques. Please see the Series tab to register. Pre-registration is required.