HEARTS & MINDS FOR PUERTO RICO - $20 Cash Donation Req

This class is taught by:
Join us in helping families suffering from hurricane Maria's aftermath in Melissa's hometown Yauco, Puerto Rico (2+ hours away from the capital) by bringing some useful and much needed supplies.
Funds and supplies will be directly given to the residents of the island. Enrollment is Free but a $20 cash contribution is strongly suggested. Room will NOT be heated.
We are raising funds to bring solar cell phone chargers, solar light bulbs and water purification tablets. The people of PR also have a hard time purchasing food on the island because currently only 19% of the island has electricity and ATM cards are not accepted in most places. If you would like to donate an item instead, below is a guide of things you can consider:

- Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D)
- Hygiene products (Toilet paper, feminine products)
- Baby products (diapers, formula, etc)
- Water
- Cleaning products (clorox wipes, laundry detergent, etc)
- Non-perishable food (beans, rice, soup, etc)