UNHEATED - Gentle Flow w/ Yoga Nidra

This class is taught by:

Gagan Bhutani

Gagan has been teaching Hot Yoga since 2002. His classes focus on an Asana practice which comprehensible to beginners and advanced beginners yet a bit challenging for all.  He uses verbal cues and gentle hands on corrections to help his students build and safe and strong personal practice.

Jeff Vock

Jeffrey Vock is a professional photographer who recently celebrated his 30th year of practicing yoga with Sri Dharma Mittra by getting certified to teach Dharma Yoga. His passion is to guide students of any asana level into deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation where they will reap the maximum benefits from this ancient practice.
A gentle yet active class taught as a moving meditation and using a sequence of postures designed to restore the back and loosen the body for better mobility. The sequence prepares the students to transition into a restorative guided 20 minute Yoga Nidra relaxation/meditation lying down.