Surya Staff

Surya Staff instructs the following:
  • Surya Hot Flow
  • Enjoy this Vinyasa flow of breath and movement with attention to alignment. Variations offered for strong practitioners. Learn how to take your practice seriously, but yourself lightly.

  • UNHEATED - Gentle Flow w/ Yoga Nidra
  • A gentle yet active class taught as a moving meditation and using a sequence of postures designed to restore the back and loosen the body for better mobility. The sequence prepares the students to transition into a restorative guided 20 minute Yoga Nidra relaxation/meditation lying down.

  • UNHEATED - Open Vinyasa Flow
  • Start or develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice. This traditional Vinyasa class explores basic to intermediate level yoga postures, alignment, and breathing techniques. No experience or flexibility requirement.

  • Surya26+ Hot Classical Hatha 75 mins
  • This comprehensive class focuses on building overall strength, flexibility, and balance. This class not only strengthens the major muscle groups, it gives you a great cardio workout. Be prepared to work hard, and feel awesome.

    The class includes endurance and strength building traditional asanas as well as a cardiovascular workout that is different from a Vinyasa flow class.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL LEVELS. Newcomers should look to start with Surya26 Inspired Level 1 (60 Mins).

  • Surya Hot Shine - Doors lock 5 mins before class time
  • Begin your day with this energizing hot vinyasa flow class. Class will include a warm up, energizing, detox, and cool down phases to give you a wonderful start to your day.


  • Surya Hot Rock'n'Flow
  • Ancient yogis were the fringe of society. They went into the woods and caves outside of town to practice physical and mental techniques, deemed by others as weird, because they envisioned a different, more harmonious way of living. What better way to capture that spirit than with Rock'n'Roll?! Come sweat, move and jam in a rigorous vinyasa set to a diverse soundtrack of classic rock.

    Katherine, at heart, would like to consider herself a poet. She moved to New York City at the age of 18 to become like her beatnik idols of the '60s. She studied the history of rock 'n'roll throughout high school, and is an avid record collector. She would love nothing more than to teach Mick Jagger yoga and see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway.


    6/17 - Guilty Pleasures: 80s Edition
    6/24 - Summer Solstice: Songs to usher in Summer
    7/1 - Americana: July 4th
    7/8 - 70s Classic Rock

  • UNHEATED - Surya Yin Flow
  • This is a slower approach to yoga, including 3-8 minute holds in poses supported by props. This is a grounding practice focusing on stretching the deeper connective tissues in the body to improve flexibility while also calming the central nervous system using long slow breaths. Yin yoga is recommended as a complement to any vinyasa practice or active lifestyle. Good for all levels,

  • Surya Hot Yin Flow
  • An energizing yet grounding fusion of Yin yoga and Vinyasa flow in a warm room. A perfect balance of Yin and Yang to create an integrated balanced practice for all levels. First, a dynamic vinyasa flow practice focusing on strength, balance and core while emphasizing breath aligned with movement. Followed by a Yin series of still postures designed to go deep into the connective tissues in the joints that hold the most tension. The heat and internal awareness generated in the Yang portion build on the deep tissue and energetic releases cultivated during the Yin series.