Shakiem Evans

Shakiem Evans has been performing professionally since the age of nine as an actor, dancer, and singer on Broadway, Film, and TV. While touring across the US, he started doing Bikram yoga to help protect his body from the physical demands of dancing.

Shakiem took his first Hot HIIT class in NYC and has been in love with it ever since. He found HIIT to be a great complement to his yoga practice. He noticed that with a stronger core, he was able to hold asanas a lot longer and deeper. He knew this was a class he had to teach!

Shakiem received his Hot HIIT certification at BodeNYC.

Shakiem Evans instructs the following:
  • Surya Hot HIIT
  • Hot HIIT is a training system that combines muscle toning and cardio in a room heated to around 100 degrees. The practice creates long, lean muscle mass while burning fat. It also, in turn, creates rapid results. It strengthens your core, improves circulation, and increases flexibility.

    Hot HIIT is performed on a yoga mat. All movements are low impact, which protects your joints and muscles from the pounding of other exercises like running and jumping. It is a beat based, full body workout paired up with upbeat music. You will gain health and flexibility and train your muscles to work together.

    Hot HIIT is a workout style class. It is NOT a Yoga class.