Stacey Flanagan

Stacey Flanagan instructs the following:
  • PRENATAL Yoga for Moms
  • LOCATION: Jersey City
    Bond with your baby and with other Moms!
    Our Prenatal Yoga offering is designed to ease you into a safe and fun yoga practice. Students will be guided through step by step instruction of basic yoga postures. Modifications will be given where needed.
    The class is designed for both expectant and postnatal Moms.

    The following topics will be covered in the series:

    Standing postures
    Forward & Backward bending
    Sun Salutation with variations
    Pranayama(breath work)

    The room will not be heated.
    Whether you are a true beginner or have been practicing for a bit and still feel like you need a deeper understanding of the basics, this series is for you.

    Please Note:
    Prior enrollment required.