Gagan Bhutani

Gagan has been teaching Hot Yoga since 2002. His classes focus on an Asana practice which is accessible to beginners and advanced beginners. He uses verbal cues and hands on corrections to help his students build and safe and strong personal practice.

Gagan Bhutani instructs the following:
  • Surya26+ Hot Hatha - Level 1
  • This class is a great introduction to classical Hatha Yoga, albeit done in a Hot room. It's a great class for people who are looking for a deep stretch, dealing with injuries, trying to build endurance, and/or looking for an introduction to Hot Yoga.
    This class works all major muscle groups, joints, and organs. It includes basic forward and backward bending poses, balancing, twists, and breathing.


  • Surya26+ Hot Hatha 75 mins
  • This comprehensive class focuses on building overall strength, flexibility, and balance. This class not only strengthens the major muscle groups, it gives you a great cardio workout. Be prepared to work hard, and feel awesome.

    The class includes endurance and strength building traditional asanas as well as a cardiovascular workout that is different from a Vinyasa flow class.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL LEVELS. Newcomers should look to start with Surya26 Inspired Level 1 (60 Mins).