Happy New Year - Stay Strong


IMG_0429Happy New Year to all Surya Yogis and Yoginis,


Picture it: 1st of January, 2014. 11am. Surya Yoga’s Midtown Hoboken Studio.  40 beautiful Yogis showed up for the New Year’s Day Class, which was brilliantly co-taught by Jason and  Erica. 

Believe me, it was an amazing class....thanks Jason for helping us put together this blog together...in his words...


Did you know that for the first time in 19yrs, we had a New Moon on New Year’s Day, something that has supposedly only happened 12 times in the last 300 years??? And on top of the New Moon thing, it was a Super Moon.. And on top of the first New Years SuperMoon, we’re getting another SuperMoon at the close of January.  New Moon / Super Moon, Super Moon 2… In case you’re thinking this sounds like the next installment for a Stephanie Meyers Vampyre film series, it’s not.  This is your reality for 2014.


New Moons are amazing.  They start a new cycle; they set the stage for change. No matter what’s happened, it’s a place to start fresh, to open up your mind and your heart for a new beginning.  And then Super Moons are like New Moons on crack. Energies are intensified, and you can actually see this in the pull of the tides.


So, moons, movement, mind, muscles, and magic collided on New Years Day.  Jason and Erica sequenced a deep hip and heart opening Practice, with specific Attention and Intention to firing up, and then flinging out… lifting and lengthening, then letting go… burning away all the rubbish inside, and throwing out the trash… charging up the entire Being, and then releasing it completely without a care for what just happened.


And that’s what the Surya team wishes for you…  That for the next twelve months, you wipe the slate clean.  And keep it clean.  For once, just allow Existence to wash over you,  and Smile.


Let go of what you think your body should look like, and just live your life. If you’re drawn to P90X or more hot yoga, do it. Enjoy it!  

12 Impressively Life-Improving New Year’s Resolutions You Can Learn from Puppies (stuck on Jason's refrigerator)

    1. Eat more stuff that smells awesome and makes you feel good.
    2. Poop frequently.
    3. Greet everything with anticipation and excitement. 
    4. Pick fights with shoes and pillows.
    5. Smell things that look interesting.
    6. Be less scared of telephones and strangers.
    7. Run outside, jump around, and yell more.
    8. Forget what you were doing and nap instead.
    9. Take care of your genitals.
    10. Be nice to nice people.
    11. Fart without shame.
    12. Worry less about the things you can’t eat or play with.

So, ENJOY this year.  Focus less on what you might be able to do, and just Do. Be. Recognise your own insane beauty, the accomplishments you make when you make them, and let this year surprise you. 

Be in the actual Moment you’re in, whenever you can, taking a little mental note of Who you are, How you are, and Where you are… And realize that in that Moment, you are a gorgeous cupcake.  And then let 2014 be your icing.

Namaste, Just Breathe.....