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Surya teachers travel to India & rock 18 n 30 challenge!

Our two teachers Anayra and Marina traveled to the birthplace of yoga - India! Anayra Calderon, has been teaching at Surya since 2007. Anayra has been rocking this spring's 18 classes in 30 day challenge with all of her fellow students. Even though she stays busy teaching classes, she made time to participate in all the yogi fun! Anayra also leads Surya’s teacher-training program and has been practicing yoga for the last 16 years, traveled to India to assist her teachers from The Yoga People in their 200-hour Ashtanga vinyasa teacher training in Goa, a state on India's West coast. Read More

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Surya Spotlight: Advanced Asanas with Steven Cheng

Asana is often described as a physical Yoga posture or position designed to aid in meditation and to strengthen the body. Instructor, Steven Cheng from Surya Jersey City and Hoboken has been practicing asanas for 15 years. The 42-year-old Yogi was certified with Dharma Mittra and has been teaching since 2006. On Sunday April 19th from 2-4pm, Steven will guide an Advanced Asanas class for students looking for a deeper and more exploratory practice. “The curiosity and craving for more intensity is being addressed here in this 2-hour advanced asanas practice,” Cheng said. What kind of flow will you be teaching in your Advanced Asanas practice? Anyone coming to my classes on a regular basis knows I teach strong flow with lots of variations. Eventually, this 60-minute format is not enough for developing an advanced practice. There is the proper warm-up and then the full cool-down with a Savasana. You end up with only about 20 minutes to really explore asana sequencing. Read More

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Surya Super Bowl Spotlight: Brian Jones, former NFL player!

Former NFL linebacker and current CBS Sports Network college football analyst, Brian Jones, has been practicing yoga for about 9 years. In his five-year NFL career, he played for the Indianapolis Colts (1991) and New Orleans Saints (1995-98). ones grew up in Lubbock, Texas and took his first yoga class in Austin after a friend suggested he try a class. He was hooked after his first class. Now living in Weehawken, NJ, the 47-year old former football star practices yoga at Surya’s Hoboken locations. With a love for yoga and Surya studios, Jones came up with Surya’s new t-shirt slogan, “YOGA IS MY GYM”. To purchase your own fierce yoga t-shirt, please stop by any Surya studio location. Read More

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Surya Spotlight: Lenore Look, writer & published author!

Lenore Look, of Hoboken, has been practicing yoga at Surya’s midtown Hoboken location for four years. The accomplished children’s book author has published 14 successful titles, like “Henry's First-Moon Birthday” that was animated by Disney and the popular Alvin Ho series. Many of her books draw on her experiences growing up as a Chinese American. In a highly competitive industry, Lenore’s persistence and drive led her to powerhouse publishers, Simon & Schuster and Random House. Many of her books have even been translated into several different languages and published around the world. Read More

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Pick up your 18 in 30 Surya Marble Tank

As we welcome 2015, we are reflecting back on our 18 classes in 30 days contest STARS! All you participants ROCK! Thanks to the huge number of participants, Surya’s studios were packed with determined and energetic yogis all throughout November. Some yogi’s like Neil Shah, Jordana Zirpolo and Patty Lin completed 26! Read More

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Surya Spotlight: Teacher & Poet Kathleen Kraft

Sometimes poetry can inspire the teaching and practicing of yoga postures.

The definition of poetry is; writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm.

When we step onto our yoga mats, we experience a chosen and arranged sequence that allows us to create a flow of energy and a deeper state of relaxed awareness. Whether it’s during a heated power sequence or a soothing Savasana, both yoga and poetry encourage introspection and awareness.

Kathleen Kraft, one of our Surya’s yoga instructors, is also a poet and recently published a book of poetry, “Fairview Road”.

How long have you been writing poetry?

KK: In earnest, I have been writing poems since 2008, but I have writing poetry since I was a teenager. In 2008, my father passed away suddenly, which spurred me to write with an urgency I hadn't experienced until then.

Does your poetry help or influence your yoga practice at all?

KK: I think it does indirectly. I teach my students to feel the pose, to experience and personalize it for themselves. I ask them to reflect on what certain poses mean to them, particularly warriors because they are so resonant and empowering. Another teacher I know well recently told me I have a strong handle on how to arc a class--when to go strong and when to ease off; I have to attribute this to having a sense of rhythm, rise and fall, and overall narrative structure. There are so many connections between art-making and yoga.

How do you decide what you’re going to write about in a new poem?

KK: Most of my poems come from personal experience. It could be nature, personal struggle, joy, relationships, and so on. Here is a sampling of my work that highlights my personal interests.

Have any of your poems ever been inspired by a yoga class, pose or sequence?

KK: Yes! Here's one on Downward Facing Dog:


Here I am again in my dog, upside down,
igniting energetic sense,
understanding the children who sometimes bark in the pose.
Here I am—late-blossomed yogi, finding the body’s levers, so many rough transitions.
I lunge forward and come back, pressing down and up, breathing in and out,
rolling forward into length and strength, planking smoothly to the ground
and up again to the inversion, suspension of wants—we are held—
here I am, in the V of life, quietly barking.

Have you ever started or ended a class with a poem reading?

KK: Yes, I recently read some selections from "The Radiance Sutras," which has many short poetic pieces. These are ancient texts, but the translation is recent so they have a contemporary feel. In short, they are gorgeous. My students loved them - it helped them relax, particularly in Savasana. I haven't yet read one of my poems, but I’m considering it.

What advice would you give a Surya Yogi who might be interested in writing poetry?

KK: Write. Sit down with paper and pen (or pencil) and scribble. Try hard NOT to judge your writing as you write. Breathe into it as you would a pose. Read poetry you like. Read poetry you don't like. Most importantly, read your poems and others out loud. Listen to the words... the texture.

For more information about Kathleen’s poetry and where to find her book, visit


- Lindsay Carlton


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Surya Yogi 'Spotlight': Justin Condon, the accomplished triathlete!

Surya Yoga Member "Spotlight": Justin Condon, the accomplished triathlete Justin Condon has been a member of Hoboken Surya for 3 ½ years and he is a seasoned triathlete. A triathlon combines three sports; swimming, biking and running. The multisport race tests the endurance more than any single sport alone. Justin has competed in ten triathlons since 2012, and plans to complete four more this year. To train for his vigorous sporting events, Justin spends all week working out. He swims, runs, bikes, lifts weights, goes to boot-camp classes and still finds time to fit in a Surya Yoga classes. Read More

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Surya Downtown Grand Opening

Surya Yoga Academy opened the doors to their 4th location this weekend in downtown Hoboken. Located just steps from the Path station to New York City, the lovely studio is tucked away in a serene space at 79 Hudson Street. The front reception area gleamed with fresh energy and excited new yogis. A beautiful “Surya” tree decal decorated the glass door that led yogis into the studio and inside the immaculate new studio, pretty Sanskrit images that mean ‘peace’ wrapped around the room. Read More

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You rocked if you participated in the 18 in 30 Challenge!

We are always looking to challenge our yogi’s here at Surya and this year’s 18 classes in 30 days Challenge was no exception. Sign-up sheets filled up fast, but our participation stickers went even faster! Our yogi’s were so devoted to the challenge that once they used up the participation smiley stickers, they started drawing in their own smiley faces with fun accessories like horns and feathers. We would love to share with you what some of our lovely yogini's are saying after completing the challenge successfully! Read More

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Surya Yoga Teacher Training Spotlight: Amanda Amos

You can be a teacher TOO! Thinking about Yoga teacher training at Surya. Surya's next teacher training starts soon on March 7th w/Anayra Calderon and Vic Arvizu and if you are on the fence check out what our inspiring Amanda Amos, our recent graduate has to say about her experience and training at Surya.... Read More