You rocked if you participated in the 18 in 30 Challenge!



We are always looking to challenge our yogi’s here at Surya and this year’s 18 classes in 30 days Challenge was no exception.

Sign-up sheets filled up fast, but our participation stickers went even faster! 

Our yogi’s were so devoted to the challenge that once they used up the participation smiley stickers, they started drawing in their own smiley faces with fun accessories like horns and feathers.

We would love to share with you what some of our lovely yogini's are saying after completing the challenge successfully!


Brittany Crosby from Surya Hoboken, had an amazing experience in the 18 in 30 challenge.

 I can do crow! I definitely have a way to go but saw a vast improvement. 

I lost 5 pounds during the challenge. I've been doing hot yoga on a consistent basis for about 6 months and have lost a total of 15 lbs. The greatest visible transformation during the challenge was the arm definition and the beginning of abs. I slimmed down overall around my hips and thighs too. 

brittany crosbyParticipating in the challenge was a truly rewarding experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The commitment to my practice, my mind, body and spirit has resulted in many noticeable changes in my life-both mental and physical. I have ran into friends I haven't seen for a month or two and they have told me my skin looks like I am glowing and I definitely lost weight. I feel relaxed and motivated and every time I leave class I feel stronger and happier.

This challenge has made me realize I deserve to set aside the personal time for my practice on a daily basis. The stress imposed in our lives by our careers, friends, family - life in general - is much more manageable if you take the time to rejuvenate your mind and body. And that is exactly what coming to Surya does for me. 


Julie Reimann from Surya JC. said she absolutely loved the challenge.

I LOVED it!!!!  I would do it again and recommend it. There was a kindred spirit created in the Jersey City location amongst the participants--we supported each other---and it was a very enjoyable way to push myself forward and keep sane during the winter!”

julie_copy1Julie says she wasn’t that sore afterwards, but stuck to earlier bedtimes to rest up.

“I wasn't very sore but I was in bed by 9:30 the first nine or so nights! After completing the challenge I felt awesome - my posture is better and I find myself moving with more grace.”

Julie even challenged her stamina by taking a double class.“I did one double class and although I was very nervous, it went surprisingly smooth.”

Another great achievement- “I didn't weigh myself, but lost a dress size and feel noticeably stronger!” Julie said.


Kerry Patel from Surya Summit, felt stronger and more flexible after completing the challenge.

Kerrys profile pic“I feel stronger and slightly more flexible- which is huge for me!”

“Honestly, I wasn't ever sore. My usual aches were non-existent during the challenge!”

The only time Kerry did experience some soreness was after the challenge was over, “only because I wasn't going as regularly as I had been. It just goes to show how valuable to the body Yoga is!” Kerry said.

Kerry was thankful she finished the program, “Through this challenge, I wanted to get more in touch with the spiritual side of Yoga. I’m happy I participated, and happy to do it again!”


Congratulations to all the participants from Surya. Keep smiling like the Smiley stickers. You all rock!



Just be……


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