Surya Yoga Teacher Training Spotlight: Amanda Amos



You can be a teacher TOO!

Thinking about Yoga teacher training at Surya. Surya's next teacher training starts soon on March 7th w/Anayra Calderon and Vic Arvizu and if you are on the fence check out what our inspiring Amanda Amos, our recent graduate has to say about her experience and training at Surya. 


What brought you to Surya Yoga Academy?  

AA. Anayra Calderon and Vic Arvizu brought me to Surya Yoga Academy. I then stayed because of the community and yogic atmosphere.


How long have you been practicing yoga and what brought you to the practice?  Explain your experiences.

AA. Before practicing yoga, I was a dancer. I took on yoga in 2007 to accentuate my flexibilty, strength, and core. Since then, my practice has increasingly become part of my daily ritual and lifestyle.


What made you want to make the transition from student to teacher?  

AA. Yoga has counseled me through so much physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Knowing the great influences that my teachers have on me, I wanted to share that with others and heal, as well. I was inspired by my teachers and encouraged to transition into furthering my practice and sharing my journey.


During your teacher training, did you find a particular component surprisingly challenging?  Was it the philosophy?  The fear of public speaking? 

AA. Teacher training has boosted my confidence greatly. The hardest part of teacher training was accepting the varying degrees of yogic lifestyle, no matter how severe or moderate. Learning that being true to oneself is the true yogic lifestyle made teacher training much more enjoyable.


What was your favorite part of teacher training?  

AA. My favorite part of teacher training was learning everyone's style of yoga, the friendships I have made along the way, and the growth I have encountered during this part of my journey. I am starting to find myself through the guidance and support of my instructors and fellow classmates.


How did your own yoga practice change with the undertaking of teacher training?

AA. My own yoga practice has evolved and shaped to epitomize me. I have learned what style I like to practice best and what style I like to teach best. My practice will always change, but I have learned to do what feels best and makes me happy.


What did you learn about yourself during training?

AA. I learned that I am ever-changing. I learned that I am stronger than I think, both physically and spiritually. I also learned that I want to keep learning.


Do you plan on teaching upon your graduation?  Or did you do this training to solely strengthen your own practice?

AA. I do plan to teach upon graduation and help heal those around me or deepen their practices.


What would you say to someone who is teetering on the boarder of training or not?

AA. I would say, if you can fit it in your schedule, do it; if you can't, make it work.


If you could label your teacher training experience in three words, what are they?

AA. Inspirational self journey


Congratulations Amanda! Thank you for sharing your thoughs with us.


Namaste, Just Breathe